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  F-Scan2 USB Frequency Synthesizer - NEW VERSION

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F-Scan2 Frequency Synthesizer

FSCAN2 USBThe latest versionF-Scan2 USB, is now shipping. This version includes the latest software for use in connecting the F-Scan2 to a laptop or desktop computer to better control it's functions and the information available.

The F-Scan2 USB is a small, easy-to use and sophisticated frequency synthesizer made and designed in Switzerland. The manufacturer has specifically programmed the F-Scan2 with an extensive permanent internal library of Hulda Clark and Royal Rife frequencies. These built-in frequency tables make it very easy and quick to scan using a wide range of user-selectable frequencies in order to detect identical Bio-resonant frequency matches.

User-defined frequencies can also be entered, from .1Hz to 15,000,000 Hz, providing a very wide range of selectable frequencies to work with. An internal memory allows up to 6000 individual data items to be stored for future use.

The F-Scan2 USB uses an LCD touch-screen system to operate in a stand-alone mode. No computer is required so it's very easy to use almost anywhere, any time. It only weighs 2 pounds and can be set up and ready to run in just seconds, so it is a truly portable, easy-to-take-anywhere device.

The newest version of F-SCANT software is supplied with the F-Scan2, allowing it to be connected with the supplied USB cable to almost any Windows-based computer (a USB port is required on the computer). It's compatible with most versions of Windows, including Windows XP. F-SCANT offers more detailed info on the use of the F-Scan2 and its internal frequency tables and more control over its operation, making it easier to target specific frequencies or conditions for more thorough sessions.

FSCAN2 portsFull-body scanning using the F-Scan2 USB is performed by attaching a small clip-on contact sensor to the middle finger of the right hand while the left hand holds a gold-plated handhold. The F-Scan first takes a baseline reading (called a DIRP) where it records the conductivity and personal resonance matches (frequency "hits") that it finds while scanning whatever frequency range you select, in whatever increments you want. All frequency "hits" that are found can then be transfered to an internal memory where they can be used by the F-Scan2 to apply corrective frequencies.

The F-Scan2 USB can generate sine, square, and pulsed DC waves that can be used in a variety of ways, including use as a very accurate variable-frequency Hulda Clark zapper or a Rife frequency generator. The F-Scan2 has two output connectors, one providing a Sine Wave Signal and the other a Square Wave Signal. Both signals are OFFSET to a positive polarity, creating a broad range of harmonic frequencies. The output level is adjustable from 0 to 25 volts, depending on the type of output waveform selected.

The F-Scan2 USB generates very precise digitally-synthesized frequencies with sine or rectangular wave forms using the most advanced technology. This allows the manufacturer to make the F-Scan2 smaller and much less expensive than comparable devices while including an extensive list of features:

  • all functions are micro-processor controlled
  • can generate individual frequencies from 0.01 Hz to 15 million Hz
  • pre-programmed for all 235 pathogens (and their frequencies) identified by Dr. CLARK
  • pre-programmed with 350 sequences of frequencies based on the research of Royal Rife
  • generates very accurate and selectable waveforms
  • voltage output from 0 - 25 volts, depending on output waveform selected
  • "Jogger" wheel that allows voltage output adjustment of all square wave signals
  • frequencies can be set from 0.1 - 3,000,000Hz for square wave signals
  • frequencies can be set from 0.1 - 15,000,000 Hz for sine wave signals
  • individual TIMER for each frequency in a sequence
  • small, light-weight (only 2 pounds) and easily transportable
  • Windows PC ready with supplied USB cable
  • F-SCANT software included for use with most versions of Windows

FSCAN2 side viewWobble Function - the F-Scan2 USB has a special Wobble function that generates frequencies in a range of up to plus or minus 1,000 Hz (in user-selectable increments) centered around a target frequency. Wobbling around the published frequency provides a much greater chance of neutralizing a negative frequency pattern.

The F-Scan2 USB generates three very precise signals:

  • SINE Wave Signals (dc-offset)
  • SQUARE Wave Signals (full wave)
  • SQUARE Wave Signals (dc-offset)

The F-Scan2 USB has a unique DIRP (Dual Integration Resonance Procedure) setting that is used to scan for resonant frequencies in a range between 1 Hz and 15,000,000 Hz.

A "Wide Band Seep" can be performed as well as a "Sweep To Next" function which allows a frequency sweep between two adjacent values in a sequence of frequencies.

The F-Scan2 USB has a permanent internal memory that can be used to store application frequencies for future use. It has a memory capacity of 50 data blocks of up to 50 frequency values with assigned parameters for each, plus the results of a DIRP analysis if wanted.

Everything needed to get started right away is included:

  • The F-SCAN 2 USB
  • Stainless-Steel-Handholds
  • Adhesive Application (TENS) Pads
  • All connecting wires and cables
  • New re-designed clip-on Finger Electrode
  • Instruction Manual
  • F-SCANT Software, compatible with most versions of Windows
  • USB Cable

F-SCAN 2 USB jogger wheelF-SCAN 2 Specifications:

  • High-grade aluminum case
  • 8.5 " x 6.1" x 5.5" (215 mm x 155 mm x 140 mm)
  • Touch-screen monochrome display - 3.23" x 2.44" (82 mm x 62 mm) - 320 x 240 Pixels
  • 0.1 Hz to 15,000,000 Hz frequency range
  • Frequency stability: 20 ppm
  • Operating memory stores up to 50 frequencies with individual parameters. Permanent memory bank stores about 6000 values in tables, time functions, and limits for "Sweep" and "DIRP"
  • Universal AC adapter - Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. Output - 15 vDC, 800mA
  • Output Power Port - Square wave, positive DC-Offset, 14 vpp / 200 mA
  • Multi-signal Output Port:
    Sine wave - positive DC-Offset, voltage preset to 10 volts peak-to-peak
    Square Full Wave - voltage adjustable from 0 to 25 volts peak-to-peak
    Square Wave Positive DC-Offset - voltage adjustable from 0 to 12.5 volts peak-to-peak
  • Rect Port: Square wave Positive DC-Offset - voltage preset to 5 volts peak-to-peak
  • European Union Device Classification: Medical Device Class 1, Type B, EN60601, Regulation 93/42 EEC
Disclaimer: We make no promises regarding the use of the F-Scan to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or condition. The frequency is not to be interpreted as a product statement, promise, guarantee, or medical advice of any kind. You take full responsibility for use of this equipment, and you must be aware that the FDA and FTC do not believe that this device can be used to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or condition, and should not be used on humans.

The F-SCAN2 USB Package
includes everything needed to get started

Because of the price of the F-Scan2 we can only offer a 14 day return policy with a 10% restocking fee. After 14 days we will not accept an F-Scan2 return except for repairs, which will always be welcomed and handled quickly. Please make sure you are comfortable with the F-Scan before purchasing it.

PDF versions of the F-Scan2 product brochure and the complete user manual are available for free download. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Click here to download Acrobat Reader for free if you don't have it. You can right-click and "save as" to save the files to your computer or simply click to have Acrobat open the file. Depending on your internet connection speed it may take awhile for the manual to open due to its size.

Summary of Product Specifications:

  • Adjustable amplitudes for SINE- and SQUARE wave signals
  • 6 individual settings can be assigned to each frequency value used in an application:
    • Amplitude of SINE wave signal
    • Amplitude of SQUARE wave signal
    • WOBBLE with individual setting of the band width around the target frequency
    • ENVELOPE (oscillates the amplitude between 0 Volt and the assigned value)
    • Sweep – To – Next function (sweep the range between two adjacent frequency values)
    • TIMER - function
  • Large color touch screen display with graphic capability
  • A JOGGER-wheel is integrated into the housing to ease adjustment of amplitudes and other settings
  • Individual frequency selection
  • External storage media
  • Feature to assign amplitudes to square wave signals as a function of the frequency value
  • Zoom-feature as tool to edit results of a DIRP analysis displayed as a curve
  • 5 dedicated output ports:
    • CARRIER: Carrier frequency 1 Hz to 15 MHz, preset to 10Vpp, DC-OFFSET
    • SINE: Signals 0.01 Hz to 15 MHz, adjustable amplitude, DC-OFFSET
    • SQUARE 1: Signals 0.01 Hz to 1 MHz, adjustable amplitude, FULL WAVE
    • SQUARE 2: Signals 0.01 Hz to 1 MHz, adjustable amplitude, DC-OFFSET
    • POWER PORT: Amplified signals to drive accessories

  • Integrated library function with more than 580 line items
  • Built-in EAP-measurement capability
  • The stylus (option) connects to the SENSOR port

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